A night of performance art and music at MOTHER

On Wednesday, June 12th, MOTHER is hosting Chicago performance artist Forced Into Femininity along with local support by 1/2 Dux, Nows (Robby Kee), and Biophilia in Blue Tights. 

Biophilia in Blue Tights is a 20-minute performance of coping methods with experimental music, meditative movement, sensual gardening and wordsmithery by Anicka Austin, Bella Dorado & C.W. Gravely.

Forced Into Femininity’s performance art and music grapples with apathy, compulsion, obsession, and her own identity as a transgender woman. She describes this as "'Erraticism,' a phrase appropriated from the feminist writer Mary Daly. "To me, it's a way of taking the way female art and especially trans art is dismissed and trivialized as not worthy of being taken seriously into a philosophy and intention. It's an act of resistance against 'Real Music', 'Real Art' and the complacent way they approach our horrific present."

1/2 Dux is Frances Hampton performing a solo set of Dux's sonic experiments. And finally, Nows features Robby Kee's solo noise set. 

Check out the FB event for the show here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/312283103042879/

This show is 21+ and costs $7 to attend

Amanda Mills