Heat Index: Breaking Social Barriers at the Club

Lava House and GNR are coming back to MOTHER to host a third edition of Heat Index, a night of dancing with Atlanta’s heaviest hitters. Lava House is a curation group that produces events with both art and music that connects, protects, supports, represents, and strengthens the community of Atlanta, GA young adults, POC, and LGBTQ. Founded by Kobwe and Leo of AGYN, GNR Sound started as a rave. Since then, its grown to become a label, DJ collective, and party curation group.

Both Lava House and GNR have been throwing parties in Atlanta for awhile and met through Mega_lo. “We all became friends, decided to do a party together where there could be a relaxed chill vibe but still a dance focused party where we could play whatever we wanted.” Heat Index features DJs and producers from a range of dance music genres, such as Electronic, House, Techno, Trance, DnB, Deep House, Dubstep, Breaks, and more. “As always our main goal is that we give the public a great and safe night in which people can dance, be social, connect, and break social barriers through the music,” Lava House says of the event.

Heat Index features different monthly DJs. This month highlights Rosstwotwo, DJ Skittle, and DJ Horse Girl. “DJ Skittle has a great ear and collection of UK Garage-Deep House, Electro, and Techno while Rosstwotwo plays Breaks, DnB, Trap/Rap, Instrumentals, and Jungle—both complementing and creating a special dance floor experience that anyone can easily groove to,” GNR states. Guest DJ Horse Girl’s style ranges from Y2K Club Pop to Jungle to Trance.

GNR fixtures MegaLo and Kobwe will also be playing that night. Mega_Lo hails from Oakland and got his start in turntablist DJ battles and drag shows. Kobwe’s DJ career started at 88.5 hosting a country show and a drum n bass/dubstep show at the same time. When Doing parties Kobwe tends to play “hard club stuff, like Warehouse Techno, Juke, Speed Garage, and UK Bass” while Mega_Lo plays Electro, Miami Bass, Freestyle, Bmore, Detroit Techno, and Breakbeat Rave.

No matter who’s in the booth you’re sure to sweat it out to 100% hard hitting dance floor tracks while bathing in a wash of neon and blacklight at Heat Index III with DJ Skittle, Rosstwotwo, DJ Horse Girl, Mega_lo, and Kobwe on Thursday, April 18th from 10pm to 2:30am. This show is free before midnight and $5 after. 21+ only.

Amanda Mills